Carnival holiday- What about it?

Hi guys.What's up? I haven't been able to write lately because my routine is quite busy and tiresome but fortunately now I having some days-off due to the Carnival( Carnaval) holiday. So, I decided to talk a little bit about it. Brazil is known all around the world not only but also because of this party. There are many types of celebrations all over the country. In fact, I am not very in to it. Actually, I am at home right now enjoying my free time.So, I am going to give some credits to the type of celebration in my state. Carnival in Minas Gerais is often characterized by blocos carnavalescos with varying themes and fantasy styles. There are even some Axé groups from Bahia who come to play in the state every carnival season.
Although I have never been to Ouro Preto(which is a shame!)It is one of the most visited cities during the time. Its carnaval is very popular by college students in the area. The city has a large proportion of students, who during the year live in places called Repúblicas (rented houses maintained and ruled by themselves). During carnival, the Repúblicas are literally packed with residents and many visitors coming from all over the country. The hills prevent traffic of heavy sound trucks, but don't stop people from feasting all night and day.It is very fun!! I have already taken part in parties like this in smaller cities. It was really fun. This year I have decided to stay home and go out to near places during the day.


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