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What gives you the creeps?

When I am waiting at a bank line or in any other place, or riding a bus, I hate when strangers try to strike up a conversation with me. It really gives me the creeps.I try to be polite and at least nod when the person asks a question, but I really feel unconfortable. But the worst thing is that I keep wondering about things they could do or if their are criminals or something similar. I know it sounds crazy but I am a chicken. I fear almost everything.What about you?

"Sisters-in-Law" or "Sister-in-Laws"?

Let's take a second here to talk about one thing that many people might not know: How do you say more than one sister-in-law or brother-in-law?

Well, you make "in-law compounds" plural by making the noun part plural since the women are primarily sisters, and the "-in-law" part just further describes what kind of sisters they are: