What gives you the creeps?

When I am waiting at a bank line or in any other place, or riding a bus, I hate when strangers try to strike up a conversation with me. It really gives me the creeps.I try to be polite and at least nod when the person asks a question, but I really feel unconfortable. But the worst thing is that I keep wondering about things they could do or if their are criminals or something similar. I know it sounds crazy but I am a chicken. I fear almost everything.What about you?


I came here to visit your place and I really enjoyed it! Congratulations! Layout is pretty atractive and the posts are in the right size enough to be read (I have difficults to read long texts in the net)... About this post, I fear many things, but it is important to focalize our minds, take breath, etc. By the way, I remembered a Coldplay´s song that says: "...we live in a beautiful world..." It called "Don´t panic" ant it meet the case. Hugs!
Guilherme said…
Hey Ericka. I really liked your blog. As for the topic, you know, there are some techniques to avoid them: headphones and books are the most popular. But sometimes, if you aren't afraid ang give people a chance to talk, you can have intereting experiences! Not so often though... Well, sorry for the English, it hasn't improved much. And keep up with the good work here. \o/

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